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Bucket Filling

If your child has come home from school talking about "filling buckets", or if you have discovered the best-selling children's books, "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" or "How Full Is Your Bucket- For Kids" then you know how powerfully Bucket Filling increases the happiness, love and thoughtfulness in our children and our communities.

Now add award-winning music to the mix. "Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket Fillers", a collaborative effort between Red Grammer and Carol McCloud, author of "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?" brings to life the concepts of Bucket Filling in ten irresistible songs that children instantly connect to and make a part of their lives. See how these songs bring added presence of heart to your home...

Red and Carol


Circle of Light:Songs For Bucket Fillers

Power To Change The World

Everybody Here Has A Bucket

I'm All Filled Up

Bucket Fillers

I've Got A Lid

See Me Beautiful

Fill A Bucket

Pop On My Lid

Circle of Light


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Say Hi!

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On The Day You Were Born


Listen To Your Heart





“Superstar to the young and a hit with parents too!” CBS this Morning

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Red Grammer Concerts

“Belief, resilience, and joy fill his music.” Parent's Choice