This swing tune from Red's Grammy-nominated "Bebop Your Best" CD sings about how easy it is to get along with others when we respect each other.  We honor and respect others by listening to them, not picking on or labeling them, and accepting them for who they are.


If I respect you - and you respect me
And we respect each other
What a world this will be
You'll be glad I'm me - and I'll be glad you're you
‘Cause that's just what folks who respect each other do.

If you let me talk till I'm finished
And I listen when you speak your mind
And we choose our words carefully
We'll hear each other differently
It's one more way respect can be defined.


When I don't dis what you do
And you let me be who I am
And we don't label anyone
Or pick on others just for fun
We show respect's a word we understand.

‘Cause that's just what folks, just what folks
Just what folks who respect each other do.

© 2005 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc./ Pam-O-Land

Written by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland


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