Use A Word

Words are one of the most amazing inventions of the human race. But they don't work if we forget to use them when we get upset, or if we use them carelessly or hurtfully.  This song's title gives teachers/parents a powerful catch phrase that becomes part of the classroom/family lexicon and instantly communicates the ideas of using restraint and tact, making good  choices and seeking conflict resolution.  Parents and kids love this song.

Themes: Conflict resolution, language, restraint, tact

Use a Word

When someone makes you slip
And you wanta bruise their lip
Use a word
When someone grabs your book
And you go for your left hook
Use a word

‘Cause we can work it out that's what words were invented for
We can work it out it's the best way there is for sure
To fight over something is absurd
So for Pete's sake use a word

When someone steals your ball
And you want to make them fall
Use a word
When someone plays a trick
And you're winding up to kick
Use a word


There are so many different word they do all kinds of things
Some can make us laugh and smile while others hurt and sting
We get to choose the words we use each and every day
So when it's time to use a word be careful what you say


When someone hurts your pride
And you want to run and hide
Use a word
When someone thinks of you
In a way that isn't true
Use a word

Everybody's different take a look around and see
You're the only you I know and I'm the only me
Because we're all so different there'll be times we disagree
But I just want to say my friend that that's alright with me


So for Pete's sake and Jamie's and Nikki's and
Juan's and Jamal's and Debbie's, and Erin's and
Crystal's, and David's, and Andy's...
Use a word!

© 1986 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer



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