Places in the World

This song magically brings geography to life by creating a playful context for the many different places, familiar and exotic, that people live around in the world.  It reminds us that diversity and oneness are both natural parts of the human experience and that everyone belongs to a special place somewhere.

Themes: Geography, oneness, diversity, countries, cities

Places in the World

These are places in the world
Some you know, some you don't
Some you'll visit and some you won't
Some are near, and some are far
Some sound exotic like Zanzibar
‘Cause these are places in the world

Bombay, Cape May, Mandalay, Baffin Bay
Baghdad, Leningrad, Ashkabad, Trinidad
L.A., Norway, Paraguay, Monterey
Singapore, Ecuador, Bangalore, Baltimore
These are places in the world

Fiji, Sicily, Nagasaki, Tennessee
Cairo, Quito, Borneo, Idaho
Taiwan, Dijon, Saigon, Teheran
Guatemala, Oklahoma, Argentina, North Dakota
These are places in the world

Some are new, some are old
Some are hot and some are cold
Some are low, some are high
Some are wet, some are dry
‘Cause these are places in the world

Glasgow, Oslo, Fresno, Tsingtao
Faukland, Auckland, Yucatan, Disneyland
Libya, Namibia, Romania, Pennsylvania
Bora Bora, Walla Walla, Costa Rica, Bratislava
These are places in the world

Krakow, Changchow, Moscow, Tokelau
Dominique, Pike's Peak, Mozambique, Bitter Creek
Warsaw, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Cameroon
Haifa, Mecca, Bethlehem, Jerusalem
These are places in the world

High on the mountain, down on the plain
Deep in the jungle in the middle of the rain
Children laugh and children play
Everywhere, everyday
‘Cause these are places in the world

© 1986 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer



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