Down by the Sea

This is one of Red's most popular songs.  "Down By the Sea" captures the timeless happiness and contentment we all experience digging in the sand, swimming in the ocean and laying in the sun.  If you close your eyes you can hear the crash of the waves and feel warm sand between your toes.  From Red's Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning "Down the Do Re Mi" CD.

Themes: Seashore, beach, sun, water, sandcastles, family time, happiness

Down by the Sea

Down by the sea my family and me
We love to jump in the waves... tshhhhh tshhhhh
Down by the sea we all agree
Is the very best place in the world to be
We get to jump in the waves... tshhhhh tshhhhh
Isn't it wonderful, isn't it grand
Just wiggin' your toes in the warm hot sand

We love to ride on the raft... yahoo

Lay in the sun... hot hot

Look for shells... ooo ah

Feed the gulls... akh akh

Fall into bed... ahhhhhhhh


© 1991 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer


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“Superstar to the young and a hit with parents too!” CBS this Morning

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