A helping hand, a thoughtful word
A worried friend you've reassured
Mending the wing of a fallen bird
They all add up to kindness

Complimenting the friends you meet
Helping old folks cross the street
Gettin' up and giving someone else your seat
It all adds up to kindness

You know it's really nothing new
Kindness starts with me and you
The little things we say and do
They all add up to kindness

Thanking Mom for the cookies she bakes
Apologizing for our mistakes
Giving people even breaks
It all adds up to kindness

Helping Grandpa climb the stairs
Being someone who always shares
Sayin' you like what your sister wears
It all adds up to kindness


Choose the shy kid for your team
Honor someone else's dream.... Kindness
Helping out at Grandma's house
Stop the cat and save the mouse.... Kindness
Take your brother on a hike
Let somebody ride your bike.... Kindness
Smiling when you don't know why
Thinking of the other guy.... that's how we spread some kindness


© 2005 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc./ Pam-O-Land (ASCAP)

Written by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland


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