Music teachers love Red’s songs because they are of the highest melodic and lyrical quality and it doesn't hurt that they are performed by “the best voice in childrens’ music” (Parents’ Magazine). For tie-ins to curriculum and social skills/character education programs please see the Teacher Page. You will be happy to know that Red has mix-minus performance tracks for many of his songs and as well as a Teaching Peace songbook with guitar and piano accompaniment.

Classroom teachers love Red’s songs because they help build a cooperative classroom culture and energize and enhance everything they are brought to. Research unequivocally shows that music is good for the brain. Use it in your classroom to wake up, stimulate and enliven your students’ focus and presence of mind. Don’t worry about having to be musically proficient to use music in your classroom. Children are much more excited and engaged by your enthusiasm than by your talent.


Simple call and response songs

Two Hands, Four Hands

Can You Sound Just Like Me?

Hello World

I'm All Filled Up

Fill A Bucket

I Want You To Listen


Pile Up Songs

Down By The Sea

Rattlin' Bog

Everybody Here Has A Bucket


Songs That Kids Can't Wait To Learn

ABC's of You

Down The Do Re Mi

Down By The Sea

Power To Change The World


Irresistible Melodies

Teaching Peace

I Think You're Wonderful

Digging For Diamonds

It's A Grand Old Flag



Game Songs

Can You Sound Just Like Me?

Tickle Song

Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea


Beautiful Songs

I Am A Bucket Filler

Me and the Morning

Land Of The Silver Birch



“Superstar to the young and a hit with parents too!” CBS this Morning

Red Grammer Concerts

Red Grammer Concerts

“Belief, resilience, and joy fill his music.” Parent's Choice