Caring and Compassion

When I care enough to share my heart
What a chain of caring I can start
All I need to do is lend a friendly ear
When someone sheds a tear
To be there
Is how I show I care

Helping doesn't have to cost a dime
There's no greater gift to give than time
When someone needs for me to hear their point of view
It's something I can do
Till I've shown
They're really not alone

As I travel through my life
I often find a way
To show caring and compassion
As I go about my day

When I say I care, I mean it too
It's not just in my words, it's what I do
I can feel it in the way my spirit soars
When I'm reaching out to yours
Being there
No matter when or where
Is how I show I care
It's how I show I care

© 2005 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc./ Pam-O-Land Music

© Music and Lyrics by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland


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