Everyone wants a friend who's Responsible
Cause they always do their share
When you need ‘em they'll be there
Everyone trusts somebody who's Responsible
You can count on ‘em, Yes Siree!
They're always where they say they'll be

Every pet needs an owner who's Responsible
Gotta feed ‘em, that means you
Cats and dogs have feelings too
If a promise that you make
Is a thing you never break
Then Responsible's the word for you!

Every Mom needs a kid who's Responsible
Puts away the books they've read
Hangs their clothes up, makes their bed
Every teacher likes a kid who's Responsible
Studies hard for every test
Always wants to do their best

Everyone needs a self who's responsible
When their honor is at stake
They know just the choice to make
If you always follow through
On the things you say and do
Then Responsible's the word for you!

Responsible with family, Responsible with friends
Responsible with money - when to save and when to spend
If people can rely on you to always follow through
Then Responsible's the word... Responsible's the word...
Responsible's the word for you!

© 2005 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc./ Pam-O-Land (ASCAP)

Written by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland


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