Bebop Your Best

Inside of you there's burning
A secret shining star
And nobody's as good as you
At being who you are
You're gonna find your own way
So don't you worry ‘bout the rest
Just live life like you mean it
And bibbity - Be-Bop Your Best!

You're magical and marvelous
With a little voice inside of you that you can always trust
Sayin' Be-Bop Your Best and give it the best you've got

You're astonishing and wond'rous
The implications here are simply thunderous
Baby Be-Bop, Be-Bop, Be-Bop Your Best, why not?

You can't let people tell you - sell you or compel you - not to be who you are
Appreciate and see them, but you don't need to try and be them
Just Be-Bop Your Best and follow your own star

The mark you leave - is unerasable
You're abso-positively irreplaceable
So Baby Be-Bop Your Best and give it the best you've got!

When you've got a choice - Be-Bop Your Best
Trust your inner voice -Be-Bop Your Best
Everything you do - Be-Bop Your Best
When it's up to you - Be-Bop Your Best
He-Bop, She-Bop, Bibbity-bibbity-Be-Bop Your Best!

Nothin's goin' right - Be-Bop Your Best
Someone's impolite -Be-Bop Your Best
Hangin' with your friends - Be-Bop Your Best
When it gets intense -Be-Bop Your Best
It's always up to you - to let your bibbity-bibbity best shine through

You're a tantalizing mystery
You're the only you there'll ever be in history!
So Baby Be-Bop Your Best and give it your best, why not?
Baby, Be-Bop Your Best - and give it the best you've got!

© 2005 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc/Pam-O-Land Music (ASCAP)

Written by Red Grammer and Pamela Phillips Oland

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