Let's Go Riding

In this adaptation of Woody Guthrie's, "Car, Car" song Red leads children in a playful exploration of different modes of transportation.  From Red's recording for the very young, "Can You Sound Just Like Me

Themes: Transportation

Let's Go Riding

Hey, I got an idea
Let's go riding on a motorcycle
Put your helmet on and hold onto those handlebars
Okay...here we go
Let's go riding on a motorcycle (3 times)

Let's go riding on a truck
Climb into the cab
What did you say you're carrying in the back of this truck?
200 pigs to market! Phew wee!
All right put your hands on the wheel and let's go
Let's go riding on a truck (3 times)

Let's go riding up in the sky and ride on a jet plane!
You're a pilot
So look out the window and down on the runway
‘Cause we're getting' ready to go!
Got your seat belt on? Start your engines!
We're riding on a jet plane (3 times)

Let's go riding on a fire engine
Got your fire hat on?
Well, put it on! Turn on the siren!
We're riding on a fire engine (3 times)

Let's go riding on a horse
A big brown horse
His name is Jake
He's a good horse
Go ahead, pet him on the side of the head
Now hold on to the reins
‘Cause here we go...
What's the matter, Jake? I said here we go!
Come on boy, I said here we
We're riding on a horse (2 times)
We're riding on a big brown horse
Slow down, slow down, Jake slow down
Jaaake, slow down!

© Original Car, Car Song by Woody Guthrie.

adapted by Red and Kathy Grammer



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