Dreamtime Rendezvous

When a family falls asleep on the floor listening to the sound of the crickets and bathed in the light of a summer moon we know that all is right with the world.  This gentle, swinging lullaby of a song is a first class ticket to dreamland. from Red's Parents' Choice Gold Award-winning "Down the Do Re Mi".

Themes: Relaxation, winding down, togetherness, safety

Dreamtime Rendezvous

Sun's gone down
The day is through
Sleepy-eyed family
Kicks off its shoes
One by one
They slide to the floor
Cuddle up close
And snore

All in a line
All in a row
Elbow to elbow
Toe to toe
Big ones, little ones
Knee to knee
Breathing soft
And sweet

Silvery light
Fills the room
A family together
Bathed in the moon
A gentle breeze
Blows through the door
Floats across
The floor


Crickets are singing
They never sleep
Down on the floor
You won't hear a peep
The midnight choir
Is minus a few...
Dreamtime rendezvous

© 1991 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer


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