Bucket Fillers That's Who We Are

This irresistible song powerfully supports the identity and culture of Bucket Filling.

Bucket Fillers, That's Who We Are - March and Motions

For Younger Students

Materials Needed: The students will need their Bucket Filling buckets. It they don't have an actual bucket they can use a picture of a bucket.

Line students' buckets around the classroom in a formation so that students can march around the buckets.

Play the song, "Bucket Fillers, That's Who We Are" as students march around the classroom.  When the song gets to the chorus the students stop in front of the nearest bucket and do the following motions

    1. "Bucket Filling, That's What We Do Here" - Pick up the bucket in front of you with one hand, with the other hand point your finger down into the bucket to show that you are trying to fill the bucket.
    2. "Bucket Filling, That's Who We Are" - set the bucket back down and with the index fingers point to yourself near your shoulders.
    3. "When a Bucket Needs Some Filling" - Same thing as step one only don't pick up the bucket.  Use the sign language for bucket which is to have a fist in front of you and move it up like you are lifting a bucket by the handle (see http://www.babysignlanguage.com/dictionary/b/bucket/)
    4. "A Kind Word and a Helping Hand" - cup one hand near your mouth like you are shouting something and then extend your hand out with palm out to show that you are giving your hand.
    5. "A Perfect Way to Start" - Swing your arm up with a closed fist from your side to in front of your body, like you might be shouting "hurray".

    6. Go back to the first step for the next verse and repeat.
    7. Repeat chorus motions from steps 1-5.


    Signs and Buttons

    You can also march around the classroom or in the school building wearing buttons and carrying signs.










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