Big Brass Band

A passing parade serves to introduce young children to the instruments and sounds of a marching band. From Red's recording for the very young, "Can You Sound Just Like Me?

Big Brass Band

There's a big brass band and it's coming our way
Playin' all the songs that you wanted to play
Here come the horns and they're playing out loud
Let's play like a big horn now

Here come the flutes tooting by
Playing notes so clear and high
Hear their birdlike melodies
Floating up upon the breeze

Here come the drums marching along
They give the rhythm to the song
Rat it tat, rat it tat, rump a dum dum
Listen to the sound of the big bass drum

Here come they cymbals they hold them high
They make such noise as they go by
Big and bright in the sun they flash
All you can hear is the crash, crash, crash

© 1983 Smilin' Atcha Music, Inc.

Written by Red and Kathy Grammer

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